” I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness”


It’s a rainy day , yet a really pure day , walking down the streets , listening to some music , some peaceful ones , how every step is a melody in my ear , how every walk is a tune , how the whole life can be a song , and you put down the lyrics ,

It’s a really great feeling when you’re listening to peaceful tune of especially acoustic guitar while the breeze of the sea touch your face , and drinking some coffee .

Such a good feeling a way to connect with your inner soul , and just sail upon whatever you want .


For you , whoever you are!

For you , whoever you are!

For you , whoever you are!

WHOEVER you are, I fear you are walking
the walks of dreams,
I fear those realities are to melt from under your
feet and hands;
Even now, your features, joys, speech, house,
trade, manners, troubles, follies, costume,
crimes, dissipate away from you,
Your true soul and body appear before me,
They stand forth out of affairs—out of commerce,
shops, law, science, work, farms, clothes, the
house, medicine, print, buying, selling, eating,
drinking, suffering, begetting, dying,
They receive these in their places, they find these
or the like of these, eternal, for reasons,
They find themselves eternal, they do not find that
the water and soil tend to endure forever —
and they not endure.

Whoever you are, now I place my hand upon you,
that you be my poem,
I whisper with my lips close to your ear,

O I could sing such grandeurs and glories about
You have not known what you are—you have
slumbered upon yourself all your life,
Your eye-lids have been as much as closed most
of the time,
What you have done returns already in mock-
Your thrift, knowledge, prayers, if they do not
return in mockeries, what is their return?

The mockeries are not you,
Underneath them, and within them, I see you lurk,
I pursue you where none else has pursued you,
Silence, the desk, the flippant expression, the
night, the accustomed routine, if these con-
ceal you from others, or from yourself, they
do not conceal you from me,
The shaved face, the unsteady eye, the impure
complexion, if these balk others, they do
not balk me,
The pert apparel, the deformed attitude, drunken-
ness, greed, premature death, all these I part
I track through your windings and turnings—I
come upon you where you thought eye should
never come upon you.

There is no endowment in man or woman that is
not tallied in you,

Old, young, male, female, rude, low, rejected by
the rest, whatever you are promulges itself,
Through birth, life, death, burial, the means are
provided, nothing is scanted,
Through angers, losses, ambition, ignorance,
ennui, what you are picks its way!

“Leaves Of Grass”

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Happyness with a “Y”

Dear readers ,

Everytime i watch this movie , i feel valuable , i feel my life has a lot of value , i feel i am here for a reason


In every day world , we are face with troubles , that seem , endless , or like a dead end, most of the times , troubles are the fuel to your journey , while life’s bad times always taught me to see the good in everything !

The pursuit of happyness is a movie based on the inspirational true story of Chris Gardner !

Movie Quote : “Christopher Gardner: ” Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it 

no matter what “

Time lost is never gained again

There are 168 hours a week.
Of these 168 hours you will be asleep for about 60,
dressing and eating for about 20.
If you take Saturday afternoon off for a hike, consider Sunday morning and afternoon as time off from studying, and have two four-hour dates a week, you have about 68 hours a week for work. If you are in class and laboratory for 20 hours, you still have 48 hours for study.

It seems like a tremendous amount of time, doesn’t it?—especially considering that you’ve taken off half of Saturday and most of Sunday. Just where does all the time go? A great deal of it is lost in ten-and twenty-minute idle discussions, time wasted during the twenty minutes while you wait before a class after you’ve needlessly spent another twenty minutes walking to the post office and back for a stamp you could have picked up just as easily on your way back from lunch, and so on.

It is up to you whether you want to make good use of these numerous ten; twenty, or thirty-minute intervals. I’m not urging that you never take a minute off to enjoy life, but there is certainly little danger that you will use your time too efficiently.

-Author unknown –

The windmills of your mind , Three languages

This is a song by Noel Harrison , “The windmills of your mind” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEhS9Y9HYjU

Then we have : Frida Boccara , “Les moulins de mon ceour”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_JWSYesl8U

And the lovely Hiba Tawaji , had the arabic version of this song , which is in her latest album “La bidayi wala nihayi” , the song “La bidayi wala nihayi” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeeZ9EMh5TM&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL1D6D46A27E8772E1


: )



In music .. where you find peace (1)

Whenever you find yourself sitting alone , taking a walk , with your earphone in your ears , all you need is some music that sends peace, leaves you at a better state than before putting your earphone ,, a peaceful state of mind …

Which you cannot attain by just anything you hear , here are some of the singers i think they define awesomeness , and have their special peace effect on me …


1) Souad Massi





Here are some of her amazing songs , just click and enjoy : )
Hagda wala aktar , Matebkiche , Khallouni


2) David Gray :










Here are some of his great songs!


Life in slow motion As im leaving , Ain\’t no loveAlibi

3) Omar Khayrat ( tabaan the legend ! )



النوم في العسل , الايام


4) William Fitzsimmons


It\’s not truePassion Play


And here’s one last peaceful song before you go .. Priscilla Ahn – Dream


Have a great peaceful day ahead : )

Other peaceful songs are coming soon , in the posts near you