25Jan – One year already

One Day

I just watched One Day movie , let me tell you something it’s one of the greatest movies ever , one of the greatest love stories ever ! How this friendship got deeper and deeper through the years , how it challenged every struggle and kept going. How this love got stronger ! I simply loved it !

P.S: I surely would loved if today was 15th july : ) , Just saying
And i would definitely watch One Day on that day in 2012 : )

Friendship – That greatest gift of all

The reason I’m writing this post is because i immensely appreciate friendship , it’s that something deep you’ll live you’ll experience , i was reading some poems i found while surfing the internet and i really liked them , here are some of them

The Power of Friends 

Everyone knows of the power of friends,
The terrific result, when everything blends.
When people have friends, they don’t stand alone;
Friends always help, when you face the unknown. 

Friends give you courage to face problems untold,
So the love of a friend can help make you bold.
They can help you to live a much richer life,
So your every day living will be less filled with strife. 

Thanks for being my friend! 

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

A Friend Is Like…

A friend is like a forest,
Or a lovely, calm blue sea,
A refuge from life’s problems,
As only a friend can be.A friend is like a song,
Soothing to the brain,
Distracting us from trouble,
Neutralizing pain.A friend is like some ice cream
On a sweltering summer day,
Making life delicious,
In a friend’s own special way.A friend is like a blanket,
Bringing peace and rest,
A cocoon of warmth and pleasure;
When we are tired or stressed.A friend is a bit of everything
That makes life good and sweet,
And you, my friend, are all that;
You make my life complete! 

By Joanna Fuchs

My Treasured Friend 

Treasured friend, I’m glad I found you;
Our friendship is a gift we share.
I can be myself around you,
Safe in your love and care.I miss you when you’re out of sight;
Our friendship bond was meant to be.
I think of you with great delight;
You’re almost part of me. Through fun and fears, play and tears,
We help each other heal and grow.
I prize our time–the days, the years,
More than you can know. Just harmony for me and you,
The two of us–a perfect blend.
I’ll cherish you my whole life through,
My dear and treasured friend.

By Joanna Fuchs


My top 5 Arabic movies so far !

1) Zay El Naharda – Directed By Amr Salama

2) Chatti Ya dini  [Here Comes The Rain] شتي يا دني- Directed by : Bahij Hojeij

3) Caramel سكر بنات Directed By : Nadine Labaki

4 ) Halla’ La Wein و هلأ لوين Where do we go now Directed by : Nadine Labaki

P.S: Those past two movies have gained a lot of media and people attention , and although i always hate what all people go after , wether it’s music or movies but i actually could make those two movies an exception !

5) رسائل البحر Messages from the sea Directed by : Da’oud And el Sayed

Something in common between all of those movies , is that you kind of live a whole state while watching it , and their music is amazing ! And the message in every movie is particularly strong !

Rim Rafei

50/50 is 100% Good movie

I just watched 50/50 movie , well, I’ve been looking forward to watching this movie a long time ago ,
I began watching it , i found it a little bit boring in the beginning then , 30 minutes later it was really great drama movie ,

i loved a lot the scene when he discovers that his friend is reading a book about cancer , and in the same time his mother attending “meetings” about “mothers having kids with cancer ” which was great in the movie , you not only care about the person with cancer but also about people surrounding him and how they all manage to face this disease together  !

And they really managed to blend the comedy with the drama , Which made it  a great drama comedy movie .

50/50 is 100% good movie : )
P.S: A good movie depends a lot on the music played on it and in this movie the soundtrack is just amazing , here’s the soundtrack list for 50/50 movie :


50/50 Movie (2011) Soundtrack List – Tracklist

  1. Jacuzzi Boys – Bricks or Coconuts
  2. John Fumo – Midnight Blue
  3. Radiohead – High and Dry
  4. Harmony & Balance – Simplicity
  5. The Walkmen – New Country
  6. Bee Gees – To Love Somebody
  7. The Aggrolites – Work To Do
  8. Eric V. Hachikian – Downtown Blues
  9. The Sideway Runners – Turn It Down
  10. Mr. Little Jeans – Angel (Rac Remix)
  11. Autokratz – Stay The Same
  12. The Diplomats of Solid Sound – Soul Connection
  13. Shapes and Sizes – Too Late For Dancing
  14. Eric V. Hachikian – Hunters
  15. Gerry Rafferty – Days Gone Down / Still Got The Light In Your Eyes
  16. Eric V. Hachikian – Survival
  17. Roy Orbison – Crying
  18. Liars – The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack
  19. Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter