My top 5 Arabic movies so far !

1) Zay El Naharda – Directed By Amr Salama

2) Chatti Ya dini  [Here Comes The Rain] شتي يا دني- Directed by : Bahij Hojeij

3) Caramel سكر بنات Directed By : Nadine Labaki

4 ) Halla’ La Wein و هلأ لوين Where do we go now Directed by : Nadine Labaki

P.S: Those past two movies have gained a lot of media and people attention , and although i always hate what all people go after , wether it’s music or movies but i actually could make those two movies an exception !

5) رسائل البحر Messages from the sea Directed by : Da’oud And el Sayed

Something in common between all of those movies , is that you kind of live a whole state while watching it , and their music is amazing ! And the message in every movie is particularly strong !

Rim Rafei


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