Chaotic Ordered thoughts …

Headache, thoughts running in my mind , chaotic ordered thoughts
noise .. people screaming , laughing in my head

I close my eyes to shut the world , and all of that just fade away into the present , into the future

Hope comes swirling in my mind , i hear all the children laughing , playing, the sun is setting her last rays to rest..
I could feel this cold breeze inside your heart , Can you feel it?

People running through their lives , through their destiny , through everything that seems important yet standing still..

And only you can look into their eyes , is it life?
Can you just breathe and call it a life?
or is it the way you breathe? The way you inhale troubles and exhale hope
the way you take in all the negative in the world and pour it out as kindness and a smile on your face?

You do not live alone , yet your solitude brings you shelter , the way you see beauty .. The way you smile at seeing the leaves of the tree swirling with the wind at sunset , can you see it?

This is it , this is now, and this is you , are you happy?


12:30 am
[r]|Rim Rafei


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