Blessed Jum’aa Everyone …

A couple of days ago, i was browsing the internet where a message pops up in front of me , that says : “Meditation for 15 minutes daily has a great impact on the well-being of a person”

And the thought of our praying instantly came to my mind , that we “Muslims” actually pray 5 times a day , and in total it’s more than 15 minutes day , i mean , we can take praying as meditation , it is a kind of meditation , the kind of meditation that purify your soul , you are connecting with Allah الله ! Which for me is the basis of all the human interaction , we sometimes take praying for granted , but it’s for our beneficial .. You dont pray only because you need something from Allah , you pray because it’s the source of all your peaceful state ..

I just loved to write this post , to remind you , to remind myself that to pray is an act of love , an act of purification of the soul that sets everything straight!

Blessed Jum’aa Everyone : )




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