The devil in disguise!

Ive faced what i had to face
Ive come to know people that I have never expected to know
Ive loved the ones that were chosen to be close to me
And where am i right now
Is somewhere i could never be
I reached out my hand
Seeking help
Gave up on hate
And it was love that i expect
I was drowned in a sea of sorrow
That only healing was the helping hand
Where was i or where will i be is something
we both could never see
I believe in words for just a short time
then wait for your actions just one more time
I trust you , it’s the devil in you that i dont trust
I believe in love
But for love there’s also the lust
Hurt me with the lies
But never show me an angel where he himself is a devil in disguise !

8:58 pm

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