Brutal Book Review …

Well , Brutal is a perfect title for this Memoir , after reading a lot of memoirs such as this , that talks about child abuse , you could simply expect what to read in such memoirs , first the beautiful moments in every child’s life then the beginning of the abuse and all the horrific incidents , the unspeakable events and how those men could be such disgusting  , non-human Humans and then my favorite part , the victory of this grown up child.

While reading this memoir, you could see how vulnerable a child can be , and how powerful the abuser can feel or think he is ! This disgusting imam , any human who can harm a child in any way is an ABUSER , a child can do nothing about it , a child is a creature of feelings and vulnerability ! A child deserves nothing but love and care .

In this case of a child abuse, the abuser is an imam , a man who should be trusted by all the community especially by the muslim community , and all people look up to him as he is the man who know the rights things who treat everyone with respect and how islam taught him to treat people.

A couple of months ago , I’ve heard of abuser who’s a priest , and now this ,an imam , The religion , wether it’s christianity or islam has nothing to do with those filthy ways , disgusting ways , horrible ways to treat a child , Because one muslim is bad , does not mean that islam is bad , because one christian is bad ,does not mean that christianity is bad ! HE IS BAD , because he’s as a human bad, and because those men , that know a lot about religion , do those filthy stuff, They’ll be treated as such and will be  cursed people whatsoever ,

If im sad about this young girl in this book , is because she hated the religion because of this man , i cannot blame her, i only blame the abuser , her mother , her parents , for keeping it a secret and maybe judged her for her abuse, She led a miserable life because of this disgusting man!

After reading such memoirs, i feel sad , that there exist a lot of abusers out there , so all i ask from God is to protect children , all i ask parents to take care of everything , be honest with your children , be their friends , so if they got abused or even someone tried to , they can talk to you , they can trust you!

May God protect every single child out there, and for all of you abusers, YOU ARE DISGUSTING!


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