You can judge a book by its movie !

The quote says : ” Don’t judge a book by its movie ”
With this book , you can easily judge it by its movie !
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Ive read this book a few months earlier , and i totally fell in love with it , i imagined the characters in my head and lived with them and got really sad when it ended  !

When i knew it will be released as a movie , i couldn’t wait to watch it !

And it’s from a couples of week earlier that i watched it , to my amazement the characters in my imagination suited the characters in the movie ! I was so happy about it , A GREAT BOOK AND A GREAT MOVIE !

I had to watch it twice , once in my head , and the other one on the screen !

That’s why i disagree with that quote now !




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