Quote of the day ..

“ I thought about how it must feel to lose your life so early.
Lose your life, as if you held an egg in your hand, and then dropped it,
and it fell to the ground and broke, and I knew it could not feel like anything at all.
If you were dead, you were dead, but in the fraction of a second just before;
whether you realized then it was the end, and what that felt like.
There was a narrow opening there, like a door barely ajar,
that I pushed towards, because I wanted to get in,
and there was a golden light in that crack that came from the sunlight on my eyelids,
and then suddenly I slipped inside, and I was certainly there for a little flash,
and it did not frighten me at all,
just made me sad and astonished at how quiet everything was! ” 

―Per Petterson-