What’s a friend …

What’s a friend?
A single soul dwelled in two bodies ,they say
Now i believe them
From the deepest part of my soul
It’s not care nor love
We can say it’s a soulful respond
To whatever betrayal or hurt
a soul-less soul can cause ..
Through your whole life
You meet people that leave footprints in the heart, they say ..
If you ever open the heart,
You’ll find a hell lot of footprints
Some are crappy
Others which are the most important ones
They leave you calm, peaceful , hopeful …
Where everything you’d ever dreamed of
is there in the feeling
Right through the soul …

[r]|Rim Rafei
May 22nd
8:05 pm

P.S: this is a special post to Zarzitti : )

It’s not over yet …

They sat there in complete silence
With nothing but tension in the air
They weren’t saying a word
But their eyes have spoken it all
The shared grudge , fear, hate
that once was love..
You could tell by the look in their eyes
By the tremble of their hands
That they are still the deepest lovers
The strong love is still there!
Through all the hate in her eyes
and all the fear in her heart
She shed a tear , a tear that screams “I miss you”
He looked at her with those big eyes that she always adored
and told her “I’m sorry”
The tears now ,are streaming down  her face that he once adored
He came close to her and held her in his arms
and whispered words that she missed!
I love you” he said
It’s not over yet
He gave her those last words and left
Left through the hallway of her mind
Left her with a smile on her face!

[r]|Rim Rafei
May 22nd
1:03 am

An Ode to Sadness!

With a deep sadness
that time couldn’t find a way to resolve
I find myself here all alone
Seeking my true self
With nothing i do but ignore!
I sleep at night
Surrounded by beautiful dreams
I wake up in the morning
Facing all the nightmares i believed
Surrounded by people, of that im sure
They give me light to make me see
all the cruelty I could ever feel
Some of them are emotionless
Others filled with hate
Some of them are lovable
That give you the feeling of a soulmate
I cry with everything except tears
I fight my inner demons and im filled with fear
I fear tomorrow with whatever
tomorrow might bring
I fear the outer world
Although it’s so full of spring
I fear fear itself
I fear love when it’s a kind of a fairytale
Im sick of lying and im done of all the betrayal
I hate hope when all it could bring is sadness
I hate myself when i think of all the madness
Im right now riding an emotional roller-coaster
The world is spinning round
And it is not yet over
I get messed up with all the smiles people give away
When their hearts are filled with people pushing them away
To my sadness i must stand
And tell it to “Fuck Off”, i just have had enough!
Its speed is running ahead of me
That only nothingness can pull me out of it , it seems …

[r]|Rim Rafei
12:11 am

The devil in disguise!

Ive faced what i had to face
Ive come to know people that I have never expected to know
Ive loved the ones that were chosen to be close to me
And where am i right now
Is somewhere i could never be
I reached out my hand
Seeking help
Gave up on hate
And it was love that i expect
I was drowned in a sea of sorrow
That only healing was the helping hand
Where was i or where will i be is something
we both could never see
I believe in words for just a short time
then wait for your actions just one more time
I trust you , it’s the devil in you that i dont trust
I believe in love
But for love there’s also the lust
Hurt me with the lies
But never show me an angel where he himself is a devil in disguise !

8:58 pm

Thousands of souls combined in one body …

Our soul is a marvelous thing
Our soul is continuously changing
We meet hundreds and thousands of souls along the way
only a few leave footprints
others leave your soul shattered in pieces
some are the perfect to your souls , they call them soul mates
some are called “the soul-less” souls  !
These are the worst kind of all !
They make a bonding with your soul
and then leave your soul in the worst kind of pain
Yet your soul keeps struggling to be soulful again
It loses a part of it , you lose a part of you
and you keep going on with your life
refreshing your souls
You refresh them one soul at a time

So after all we’re a hundreds and thousands of souls
combined in one body !

[r] | Rim Rafei
9:51 AM